The law is constantly  changing …

The new company legislation curtailed the proliferation of companies, but what is still possible? Are a ‘registered cash register system’ and the ‘white cash register’ that people speak of the same thing? And what about the VAT administration’s new penalty policy?

We get up in the morning and devour tax news at breakfast, but you as an entrepreneur shouldn’t be in the dark either. You can safely leave the in-depth expertise to us, but staying informed remains important and helps you keep your company healthy.

To that end, the Stimaa Academy organizes seminars, workshops and information afternoons on important ‘hot items’ within tax legislation. At various locations and at regular intervals, we bundle what you need to know and share it. Accessible and clear. You are always welcome to join us.

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Do you have questions? Ideas? Is something not clear?

undoubtedly noticed that a number of our employees are always present. Be sure to speak to them at the time. Ask them questions and get to know them.

Did the question only occur to you later? Send it to us, via another route. Themes for future sessions are also welcome. You know better than anyone what’s happening in the field. Keep us informed!