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Ah, numbers. Preferably not red ones and preferably on a balance sheet that is er…well balanced!
Let’s stay with Stimaa accountants. Admittedly not the dry as dust variety but still excellent with numbers.

Like it or not, sooner rather than later, every company will have to deal with VAT returns. Monthly, quarterly or annually, there is no reason to panic. We help you with them and are perfectly placed to defend your interests during a tax audit by our government.

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The least favourite word of most Belgians: taxes. They give us the shivers. No reason to worry, though: taxes are just part of life and stress is – if all goes well – not a factor.

We prepare your personal tax return for you and repeat the exercise for your corporate tax. By setting up a group of companies, we can limit the well-known Belgian tax burden through intelligent tax optimization between companies. The result? Everyone’s happy.

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Asset management

Assets are power.  We don’t know much about electricity. but with power we can do something. And more too. Wealth management is our discipline.

The question ‘What do we do with your accumulated wealth?’ is what keeps us awake at night and that’s why you can get some sleep. You want to write a powerful entrepreneurial story, with great value. Capital flows from this and we can manage and build that capital like no-one else.

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Starters guidance

Getting started is often the hardest part of the whole process. However, taking a good first step is crucial for everything that follows. Again and again, because as an entrepreneur you usually start over several times.

Many companies start as sole proprietorships and that is no coincidence. Important subsequent milestones – and new starts-are the establishment of a non-profit organization or a company, possibly abroad. And when it all starts really bursting at the seams, you need staff: another ‘first venture’.

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Expat guidance

The world is a village and we are globalizing like crazy, but we can’t pretend that working abroad, in whatever capacity, is always synonymous with eternal sunshine.

But it can be. In any case, the expat guidance by our international team of advisers and partners offers more guarantees than rushing to pack your bags and flying off into the adventure. International and flawless, it works both in both directions: Leavers and new arrivals are just as welcome with us.