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Our superhero power

We have several, but the basis is always the same: we consult, communicate and work together. Your drive and ours are more than the sum of the two.

We have everything in-house and pull out all the stops to guide you in the best possible way. Accountancy, bookkeeping and the overall administration of a company form the basis for customised legal, tax and financial advice. We are there during tax and social audits, customs formalities, restructuring, takeovers, dissolutions and Judicial Reorganization guidance.

Everything we know, everything we know and advise is the result of knowledge, experience and close collaborations. We share an important piece of our expertise through the  Stimaa Academy.

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The Stimaa-Values are clear

Like the people and companies we assist, we are ambitious. We are looking for the right solution. Always and everywhere. For our clients, we go through fire. That requires openness, transparent communication and an honest, clear vision. Content takes precedence. Only in this way can we work together towards the goal of enrichment, improvement, and growth.

We know the financial world like the inside of our pockets, so we dare to be innovative. It enables us to dare. We defend our clients and don’t worry about the reputation we build in the process: we step on delicate toes so that you don’t have to.

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Our wider commitment

Our customer is ‘number 1’ but we operate in a team, a company, a society, a world, where we can, and do strive for improvement for everyone. Innovation is always on our agenda and a key differentiator is digitization. We like to show the way, because it is more sustainable, less impactful and above all: because it is more practical and easier to work with.

We also commit ourselves substantively, by providing the right advice and providing proper guidance. We interpret possibilities but we do so in an ethical, responsible and, above all, correct way.

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From Stimaa tot group stimaa

It was clear in 1986 that Simma nv would eventually grow into an internationally active one-stop-shop for everything related to accounting and taxation. As ‘Stimaa Group’ we are stronger than ever today. We know we can do more. We dare and we do better. When we look in the mirror we see a mature team of bookkeepers, tax specialists, accountants and tax consultants who advise and guide in a unique, powerful way. And we like it!

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About us


Quality requires strong people. Service providers who heroically keep their accounts in the right order, draw intelligent conclusions and give advice that others have overlooked. So having a little superhero in you certainly can’t hurt.

On the other hand: we believe in development. In training. In support. Giving opportunities and seeing how they are seized. We believe in our employees and in the personal journey they want and are allowed to take.

In other words, we believe in talent, commitment and willpower. In ambition. In ‘come to work with enthusiasm and enjoy the appreciation you get there’. In growth, development and a healthy balance. We believe in you and offer you the opportunities and possibilities you need. All we ask in return is your eternal commitment and your soul.

We don’t really mean the last bit. The rest we do. Contact us for a specific vacancy or just apply whenever you like.