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We ourselves started in 1986 and you will learn from our experience and everything we’ve done since then. We have extensively tested, tried, experienced and tasted, we have gathered information and knowledge where we could and we have put it all in a starter guide.

Stimaa answers every starter question in a personal and practical way. As the right hand we want to be for entrepreneurs and customers. Don’t start all over again on your own: benefit from the experience we have built up.

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One-person Businesses

Do you already know the advantages of starting up as a sole proprietorship? Apart from it being administratively simple? Many healthy independent companies are healthy because they got off to the right start. This ranges from registering with the Crossroads Bank to drawing up a business plan, with all the accounting, social and fiscal steps in between.

As an entrepreneur, you ‘start’ several times: when you start to build up capital, employ people, open a second branch … We act as an advisor at every new start.

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Despite a recent Belgian reform, there are still four different types of company. With – yes, of course – three more sub-types. Just to say that it can remain complex even after a simplification. Unless one of our experts untangles it for and with you, helping you choose the most suitable form of company.

A company is a legal person and lives, develops, grows, splits or merges. We are alongside you every step of the way.

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Establishing a holding company or several companies is an important decision. Because it implies growth but also because it certainly creates multiple possibilities. The words ‘tax optimization’ sound like music to many entrepreneurs’ ears and rightly so; on one condition: tax optimization requires tax expertise.

A holding company is an organism. Companies are added or subtracted and restructuring is already taking place. Each step at every stage is an important one. That is why Stimaa always stays close.

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There are no more borders. Or are there? Just getting started internationally is not as quick as you might think. At least not if you want to do it right, with no unpleasant surprises. That applies both ways. Our expat guidance is rock solid in a sunny foreign location: it makes life better and more pleasant.

If it is really necessary, we will come to that sunny location for a week to arrange your work permit, or we will help you get used to our climate and help you with a work permit here.