Our mission knows no borders

No, we are not number crunchers or dusty bookkeepers. We do not conform to the stereotype, but we listen to you, delve deep into your company and work with you as partners in confidence.

Reliable, inventive, with a focus on humanity and a touch of superhero power, we take your company to a higher level.

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The numbers must be right. They are the foundations on which we build together. Undaunted and courageous, we plough through all the accounting obligations.


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“Taxes” and “Tremors” both start with a T. Coincidence, because taxes don’t have to make you nervous or anxious.. Corporate and/or personal income tax.   Just leave it to us.

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Ideas are good; concrete plans are even better. And if you then establish them in the correct legal framework, we are with you all the way. From the right company set-up to succession issues.

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Asset management

Assets that are well-managed mean you sleep easy. The reverse is also true and then they keep you awake. We prefer the former and we have everything in-house to take care of them.

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Starter guidance

A starter is a potential top entrepreneur but without the experience. We do have that experience and we guide you over the first obstacles and challenges. And the subsequent ones too.

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Expatbe guidance (In & OUT)

“We’re out of here” is easy to say but it entails a few things. Where do you pay taxes? Do you need a work permit? What are the regulations both here and where you’re going?

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In our heart of hearts we are superheroes. Our superpower is the ability to discover the added value in columns of numbers. A solution to the challenges our customers face. Putting our brains to work, we link the numbers with long and short term advice. We stick to objectives, cherish expectations and are on the road every day to map out a tax-efficient and sustainable path for your company.

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Stimaa: innovaters!

It is a misconception that accounting flows through time like an ever rolling stream. We want energy, swirling streams and cascading waterfalls. We want energy, swirling streams and cascading waterfalls. With our partners we strive for the same innovative mindset and drive for administrative simplification. A receipt or an invoice? Upload a photo and you’re ready to focus on important things again. Our own Stimaa Academy also ties in with our eternal pursuit of learning, discovering and passing on knowledge. This story never ends.


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